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Mountain Ridge Motel & RV Park

Mountain Ridge Motel
& RV Park

Welcome to Mountain Ridge Motel & RV Park, the luxury spot on highway 89! We are a beautiful, affordable small motel and RV park located just outside Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.

Our resort gives you direct access to some of the finest national parks and adventure activities that Southern Utah has to offer. Please surf around our website, check out our facility, and if we can accommodate your get-away, let us know here. We look forward to seeing you!


Not only are we located next to some of the best fishing in the state of Utah, but our guests will have access to a private part of the Sevier River. We've pulled out some lunkers out of that part of the river. So grab your pole and we will meet you out there.


Bryce Canyon, Zion, and other surrounding parks offer several day-hiking trails. Many of the trails are interconnected, leaving you the option of extending your hike to other areas. The hiking trails are divided into three categories of difficulty, so there is something for every level of experience. Bryce Canyon's backcountry is an undeveloped area, regulated to protect the natural habitat. You can obtain special permission to hike these areas. Check with the National Park Service for details.


Southern Utah is famous for many beautiful red rock biking trails. Near our park you can find trails both in and out of Bryce Canyon National Park, including: the road to Rainbow Point, Dave’s Hollow, Casto Canyon, Skunk & Badger, and Thunder Mountain. Again, the area provides different levels of difficulty for all experience levels.